Dynamic Task Mapping
Create multiple airflow tasks based on the output of previous task
Dynamic Task Mapping is the most awaited feature of Apache Airflow. I was waiting for it from 2019 when I started to use Apache Airflow.
The general idea is this let's say you have 3 tasks A -> B -> C. Assuming A reads a bunch of files to be processed by B, and the processing is independent of each other, we want Airflow to spin up tasks B1, B2, B3... depending on output of A
|---> Task B.1 --|
|---> Task B.2 --|
Task A ------|---> Task B.3 --|-----> Task C
| .... |
|---> Task B.N --|
From the looks of it, it might look like a simple feature but since the DAGs and tasks are generated before the tasks are executed achieving this during Dag runtime was a problem.
But, not after Airflow introduced Dynamic Task Mapping in 2.3

Dynamic Task Mapping

from airflow import DAG
from airflow.decorators import task
from airflow.providers.snowflake.transfers.s3_to_snowflake import S3ToSnowflakeOperator
from datetime import datetime
def get_s3_files(current_prefix):
s3_hook = S3Hook(aws_conn_id='s3')
current_files = s3_hook.list_keys(bucket_name='my-bucket', prefix=current_prefix + "/", start_after_key=current_prefix + "/")
return [[file] for file in current_files]
with DAG(dag_id='mapping_elt',
start_date=datetime(2022, 4, 2),
schedule_interval='@daily') as dag:
move_s3 = S3CopyObjectOperator.partial(
source_bucket_key="{{ ds_nodash }}"+"/",
dest_bucket_key="{{ ds_nodash }}"+"/"
).expand(s3_keys=get_s3_files(current_prefix="{{ ds_nodash }}"))
More documentation and example here:
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