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I want to build a side project but

These are some of the questions that was discussed in side projects twitter space

Am I a bad developer if I don't have side projects?

Absolutely not, in fact no companies should penalise you for having side projects if you have work experience. Your work experience always speaks more than side projects. Also side projects are not the outside world for for yourself

If you work in companies that demand 60-80 hours of work(Yes, companies like that do exisit) we have no work life balance this is something we should never feel guilty about

How can you increase your productivity on side projects at the end of the day when you're tired from work/college?

For me productivity is all about energy. Since you are already worn out of work/college. I suggest picking a project that gives you joy, sense of accomplishment. Don't push yourself too much, don't try to learn anything new

Can I make money out of Side-Projects?

Absolutely yes. If making money is your goal, pick a project that solves a niche problem. Find out if people are ready to pay for it. Then invest your time building it

  • what problem are you solving

  • Who are you solving it for

  • Will they pay for it

  • How are you going to reach these people

Is making money a bad motivator for Side-Projects?

Absolutely not. what motivates you motivates you

  • To build a brand

  • To learn a technology

  • To land an internship or job

  • To make money

  • To make meaning out of my ideas

  • Showcasing your work to others

  • Get more practice

But I don't know what to build?

Finding an idea for a project might be daunting for some people. worry not here are a few tricks.

  • Instead of looking for ideas look for problem

  • Keep a notebook with you all the time

  • Note down what irritates/frustrates you in day-day basics even the minor ones

  • Those are your problem list

  • At the end of the day find out which

Doesn't matter how much I try I can't find the motivation?

Then let it go. Why push yourself to do something you find no pleasure in. Do things that you like who knows maybe that'll give energy to do other things

Should I focus on LeetCode problems or Side-Projects?

Considering the state of tech interviews with a very hard soul I'm gonna suggest leetcode. Most entry level interviews today are algorithmic problems there is no escaping that.

I want to help other people’s side project, How to do that?

  • Find an online community

  • Openly announce your intention to help along with your skills

  • Another easiest way to work on other people's project is open source

Should side project only be about tech?

I don’t think so, I do art project, I do writing project, make side projects as hobby how we do it in college.

How to deal with burnout and side project?

You don't. You rest, let your side project also rest and take it up when you gain your energy back

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