5 Reasons Why You Should Start your Fitness Routine ASAP?

Who doesn’t want an healthy life? Always imagine yourself running around even at your 60s then you are bound to spend time on your fitness routine. I will do it from tomorrow. No you will not. The…

We all want to stay fit and healthy. But somehow that motivation is not working the magic for us. We as human needs just more than healthy and good looking body to get hooked to a fitness routine. With the age of instant gratification, habits like excercising or eating healthy is not so rewarding. But it is these habits like fitness, meditation, reading you need to keep up inorder to reach momentum and reap benifits.

I was in your shoes for past 2 years. I was a fitness freak when I was in college. But after I got my LASIK(story for another time) I was told not to do heavy workouts for atleast an year. By the time I got the green signal I became super lazy to continue my fitness regime.

Not just was people who gone through surgery, getting back a fitness routine is pretty much hard for anyone who has stopped it for sometime. Though the downside is visible we give ourselves a million reasons not to do it.

Some of the common reasons are,

  1. Not having time - A totally valid reason, I used to travel 3 hrs for my previous job, I barely had time to move around let alone fitness - But it is around the same time I watched series like criminal minds etc., Find where are you losing time. You need only 15 minutes to get started. Don't have 15 just do 5.

  2. It's not working for you - You tried a million things but you are not shedding calories? I had a friend who was obese and everytime she stops whatever she starts because it was not working for her. Now if you are obese you need a strict diet and fitness regime. You need to consult a doctor and a trainer to get help.

  3. It's painful - I agree it is. But the pain won't stick around for long. The pain is there only to make your muscle stronger. Eat a good amount of protein before and after your workout it would heal you muscles.

  4. I am a Mother/Father I barely have anytime for myself. Great, snatch those mobile phones from your kids and start running around with them.

  5. I am not a regular at a gym - You paid subscription after subscription at your nearest gym, but never used it to the fullest. Em... So relatable. You can start working out at home. Once you become a regular at home. You will be a regular anywhere.

Why is it important?

So far we have been talking about the reasons we give ourselves for not doing it. But tell me this Who doesn’t want an healthy life? Want to be active, fit, healthy and happy even when they are 60.

The Compound Effect.

I will do it from tomorrow. No you will not. The more you procastinate the more pounds you are going to carry in your body. The more weight you put on the more time and effort you have to put in to lose that weight.

For eg., Imagine you are obese just by 2 kgs. With a bit of diet and fitness routine of 20 minutes a day you can shed it off easily. Now imagine loosing 20kgs. You have no other go but to follow a very strict diet, Hit the gym more or may be a bootcamp.

The procastination is only going to cost you more time for your future self.

The pain feels AMAZINGGG!!

Don't even get me started on the amount of health issues I was going through the whole year. I was constantly sick, my immunity was low. I was anemic, I felt no motivation towards life, constantly stressed and depressed.

Provided all the above symptoms vanished, the pain was actually a pleasure for me.

Also here is another thing to note, do proper warm ups and cool downs to have less pain or cramps. Those 10 minute super fast videos will make you cry in pain if not supported by proper warm ups and cool downs(Been there done that)

The real Stress Buster

A sound mind reflects a sound body and the vice versa is also true. Feeling down? Hit those 10 pushups and your confidence level actually increases. Fix your body you can actually fix anything in this world.

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