Are you constantly Distracted? It's not You.

Wondering why you're always distracted when using a specific app? Maybe you can learn something from my story.

It all started when...

Have you heard of note-taking systems? Do you have one? I should start this story from there. I am a big fan of note-taking. I use a tool called Logseq.

On a rainy evening, I sat down to type the next three chapters of the technical blogging book. I happily outlined the "How to be a consistent writer?" chapter, unaware of the irony that would hit 2 seconds later.

I had my notes open from Logseq and my book draft in Google Docs. For some reason, instead of writing on the Google doc, I directly started annotating my notes in Logseq. After five minutes of typing, I noticed myself opening Twitter for no reason. There was no reason to switch to the browser window. But I still did.


The first time it happened, I just discarded it as a random distraction, but It happened a few more times to the point where I got irritated. Even now, I couldn't pinpoint what was going on exactly. Whenever I open Logseq, I return to the browser and pause for a few seconds, unsure of what to look for. It took me a couple of minutes to understand what was going on.

Logseq is my note-taking system. It is always in pair with my browser to take notes on what I am reading. Because of this subconsciously learned behavior, I kept on switching tabs even when there was no reason to.

That is when I figured I should never use Logseq for writing.


Next time you curse yourself for being distracted, look a little deeper, and maybe it's not you; it's the system.

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