How to Fast-track Your Learning?

Know your Why!

The process of learning becomes easy when you're walking towards a goal. The goal doesn't always have to be monetary, it can be your curiosity, because a friend suggested, because of the community you are in, peer-pressure.

You should be inherently motivated to do this thing and come back to it

Find a Mentor

  • Yes, having a mentor who guides you every step of the way would be amazing

  • But, you can also follow the work of great people in your domain

Learning is a Journey

  • That never ends

  • If you can't figure it out today, you will tomorrow

  • Showing up and trying = Learning

Know how your brain works

  • Spaced repetition

  • Learning in iteration

  • Working at the edge of your comfort zone

Practice Everyday

  • Do not discard things that are there already

  • Do things for the fun of it

Get out of your Comfort zone

  • You do the work

  • You do the job

  • Life becomes repetitive

  • Have a constant system that lets you move out of your comfort zone

Stay away from negative

  • There is a difference between constructive criticism and outright demotivation

  • It is important to understand the difference between these two

  • The way to do it is by getting as specific as possible

  • If someone says, "It won't work out" ask them "why" and continue until either you get sold, or they change their mind

Anyone can do this

Yes, it's that easy. But Staying consistent. That's the hard part.

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