End Goal - How to set goals and track them?

How to set goals and track them

Often what's stopping you from reaching your end goal is the end goal itself.

Ambitious, long-term goals are supposed to be our driving force, a lighthouse that guides us instead of what makes us become anxious and breaks our confidence

what's stopping you from reaching your end goal is the end goal itself.

So what should we do? Just drop setting goals and walk along with whatever the path life takes us?

Absolutely not!

Goals gives us the energy and push to make any form of improvement. The idea is the construct goals in such a way that it plays to our advantage.

Imagine your end goal to be a statue. You can't just build it all in one day. Can you?

Hence the path to your goal might involve learning the skill, collecting the tools, seeking help from people, announcing to the world about your goal, walking through the weak paths, and more.

Your goal is just a indefinite shiny unicorn you are walking towards. But the process that's real.

You can't attain the goal without enjoying the process.

Here is a framework I follow,

  1. Create one big goal life goal

  2. Create a yearly goal. You can call these broad goals

  3. You already have a timeline attached to it, 1 year.

  4. Create smaller goals for each quarter, month and week.

You can change your goal anytime during the course. Just because you made one doesn't mean you have to stick with it for eternity. If you don't enjoy the process no point sticking to it

Life is the most uncertain never-ending sea. Goals are the lighthouse that lets you navigate them.

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