La Vie En Rose

A song as old as Indian Independence.

Yes, you read that right. Lavie en Rose a French song released in 1945. A UK(English) version was released a year later

I don't know about you, but If you listen to the old/original version now, you probably will hate it. I do. But back then, it created huge ripples in the U.S.

Over the years, there have been several versions of this song, including the recent one in Emily in Paris.

My 1st exposure was from "How I met your mother". It wasn't a head-over-heels kind of situation, but more of watched it, forgot it, struck, and stuck to the memory kind of deal.

In 2019, Emily watts released her version.

Now that version...

That struck like a million thunders.

Here is what's so special about Emily's version.

You're attempting an old song that has been celebrated year after year.

How would you stand apart?

Remix it?

Change the tune?

Add a rap?

She did none of it. Here's what she actually did.

After the song ends,

She repeats the whole song In nothing but humming

Leaving you to fill in the blanks

But also let you indulge in the emotions left behind.

It's like art. You can interpret it in whatever way you want.

Love, Sad, Hope, Happy You get them all depending on your mood.

That brings us to the question Is this even a love song?

The Lyrics do seem so

"La vie en Rose"

What does that even mean?

It means life in pink hues seeing your life through pink glasses

As if you're in love all the time

Sounds about right...


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