Life Lessons After a Depressive Episode

2020 and 2021 wasn't great year for me. It took the whole of 2022 and a lot of therapy to get back on track with life, mental, Physical, emotional, and financial health.

Looking back, I have seen myself grow 100x as a person. Values remain the same, approach has changed. Here are some life lessons that come out of 1.5 years of Therapy + 1 year of Self-regulation

When you read it without really applying these there is a good chance this might feel like barebone philoshopy, but I have applied each one of these bullets in my life.

  • You are the seed and solution to your own problems

  • You have the power to break out of your problems. You just should be willing to try.

  • Boundaries are for you and your behavior and not to control others

  • Respecting your boundaries is a form of self-care

  • Emotions that are a result of your thoughts aren't real emotions.

  • Feel your emotions, notice your thoughts, and acknowledge them

  • Distracting from negative thoughts is fine. Distracting from emotions is not.

  • Friendships can be alot more intimate than you let them be.

  • People are going to disappoint you, and it's okay.

  • Save your empathy for people who empathize with you.

  • You can be disgusted by some of your own behavior and still love yourself deeply.

  • Self-love is acceptance. Flaws and all.

  • Expecting alot from other people is also a sign of expecting a lot from yourself.

  • Lowering your expectations gives you and others the chance to be gory human adults 😂 with flaws and everything.

  • Labels are great as long as you use them as an empowerment tool to create awareness, not a victimization tool.

  • You don't need a label to fix your patterns.

  • My life goals are simple: leaving more generational wealth and less generational trauma.

  • Learn to be in your comfort zone. Always hustling is not healthy behavior. You will never stop.

  • Learn to be in silence with yourself; you will learn a lot about you

  • Take yourself on dates

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