Apache Airflow Starter Pack

Setup Airflow Infrastructure and training for your team

Airflow has a steep learning curve. Teams adopting Airflow spend about three months setting up their Dev and production infrastructure and figuring out how to design and implement their pipelines.

I have created an Airflow starter package to overcome the hurdles of getting started with Airflow. I've worked with Airflow for the last 3 years, contributed to its source code, and helped customers with infra and pipeline issues.

With the starter package, I will work with you as a consultant and help you

  • Set up the infrastructure in your environment. Docker/Kubernetes/VPC, you can decide.

  • Train your team to get up to speed on Airflow concepts, infrastructure, and design patterns.

  • Design your initial pipelines by following best practices

  • Support to fast-track your development -> Deployment process with Airflow

The starter pack comes with pre-defined infrastructure spec with terraform and scripts to get your Airflow environment up and running, saving you time and effort; it will also increase the efficiency and reliability of your workflow tasks.

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