Travelling To Europe

In April 2022, I traveled to 4 countries and 7 cities across Europe. I will be updating this section with more of the experience. I have already collected some questions. Answers will be posted soon.

How to apply for a visa?

Applying for visa was the most nerve recking process. I applied for business schengen visa since I was going for a conference.

What do you need to apply to visa?

If you are applying for business visa you need an invitation letter from the business party who is inviting you, in this case the conference organizer. If you are touring and have a friend there get an invitation letter.

If you don't have either of those it's completely fine show your capable of financing your trip(bank statements), you've booked your flights and stay

How did you plan your trip?

All credits goes to my friend in Berlin who helped me in every step of the way. Given this is my first ever trip anywhere not just international having someone like that came handy. I did learn a few tricks from my friend

  • Open a calender and broadly put places to the dates

  • Check if the transport and stay matches i.e., you need to find resoanable stay vs flight price

  • Book transport to match the dates

  • Book stay closer to the city but since it was europe commute wasn't a huge deal

  • Open Google travel and mark the places you want to visit, they get added to google maps

That's it you're all set

Why did you decide to go to Europe, among other places?

Well actually London was on my list for so long but PyCon Berlin presented itself to me I was like why miss an opportunity to visit multiple countries

How was the conference?

**** I've looked for Python communities abroad online but you never get the sense and feel of it unless you're actually there. Met so many cool Pythonistas and learned a tonne from them

  1. How is the culture in these place

  2. What did you like and dislike about these places

  3. How did you manage your food

How could you afford the trip?

Last year ie., in 2021 I decided to take a career break because I was burned out. I usually put aside 1 year worth money as "Fuck you" money just for this purposes. I recovered from burnout earlier than I thought and signed a freelancing assingment which paid me well. Fuck you money became Europe trip money

How much did it cost for a month long trip?

To be honest, I didn't calculate things to it's last penny. but it came around 3.5 Lakhs including flights

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