Traveling to Leh Ladhak

I traveled to Leh in August 2022. When I visited Switzerland, my friend mentioned that Leh is like the Switzerland of India. I didn't put much thought into it because I wasn't big of a mountain person. Leh wasn't even on the top 10 of my visiting list. But In August, some of my friends from GDG attended a yearly summit and extended the trip for 7 days. That was my cue. I decided I will make the trip 10 days. Will spend the 1st 3 days exploring the city solo and join my gang for the next 7.

It was one of my most memorable trips. The thrills of driving in the middle of the mountains, on the mountains, camping, seeing so many stars.

I will update this section with more information about the places we visited and how we planned.

For now, Let's Leh

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