How I built my Digital Garden

Consider this more of a public digital garden. For an entry to enter this private place, it has to stay in my second brain(note-taking system) long enough for me to write 200-300 words about it.

I used to be blogging heavily. But blogs have a date, and it pretty much ends with hitting the publish button. But the digital garden keeps growing and expanding

Here is how the process looks

  • I use Google keep to quickly jot down ideas and thoughts. I use it as a pocket diary.

  • Every other week I go through these notes and enter them into logseq.

  • Logseq is like Roam ,but it's free and has Github integration

  • Logseq lets you link your new knowledge with old knowledge, and that's exactly what happens when I move my notes

  • The graph you see below is all my private notes. Each dot is a page with a new concept, connected

  • Once I brewed an idea long enough in logseq, it moves here, the public digital garden for the showcase.

  • Think of this space as a museum with carefully curated thoughts

It's not perfect

  • Note that this space is not meant to be perfect

  • All the notes here are updated constantly

Using gitbook to present my knowledge was heavily influenced by Bupesh's TIL project.

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