Work With Me

Hi 👋🏻, I am Bhavani Ravi

I am a Software Engineer, Trainer who focuses on building Backend, Data Engineering, and DevOps systems.
  • For the past 6 years, I have built backend systems and microservices in Python.
  • I use React & Javascript for my frontend projects
  • I've also dabbled with the DevOps side of things
    • Deploying web apps in AWS/GCP in Docker/Kubernetes infrastructure
    • Converting ML models into deployable ML systems
    • Setting up CI/CD pipelines using GitHub Actions

Hire me to

  • For early small tech teams, I help you streamline your hiring and development process.
  • Build Backend/Data Engineering/DevOps systems with Python or Javascript
  • Build and Deploy data pipelines using Apache Airflow
  • Write technical blogs

Community & Training

  • I love sharing what I learn via blogs, youtube, and tech talks. I also run online Bootcamps & Workshops.
  • Invite me to speak
  • I've been a part of and Google Developers Group

Working With Me

  • I love async remote work
  • I'm more of an individual contributor
  • Mentor >>> Manager

Non-Technically Me

  • I love traveling. Checked off 7 European cities so far.
  • I'm a slow thinker. I need time to process things, which is why I suck at ad-hoc meetings/interviews.
  • The brain is a sacred space meant for thinking, not remembering. I'm big on using notes as my second brain.