Data Engineering Zoomcamp - Week 1 Reflections

Cohort Jan 2023

What is this Zoomcamp?

Data Engineering zoomcamp is an online free 10-week bootcamp by I have followed their cohorts from last year and decided to jump in this year. During the 10 weeks, you will learn different DE concepts, each with homework and exercises to solidify what you know.

There is also a super active slack community and pre-recorded materials on Youtube to help you when you get stuck.

Why am I taking the Zoomcamp?

I have been helping Data engineering teams set up their data infrastructure and pipelines for the last three years. But that didn't stop me from signing up for the course. Data Engineering is an ocean of tools and concepts.

Mastering them all will take a lifetime. As a freelance consultant, these tools are going to come in handy for a variety of projects. The Zoomcamp helps me add a few more to the existing tool kit. Never stop upskilling.

Tools I already know well

• Apache Airflow

• Docker/Kubernetes


• Terraform

• All things Python

Tools I'm excited to learn

• Prefect

• Snowflake

• Spark

• Kafka

• Dbt

What happens in Week-1

  • Week 1 is spread across two weeks. This is great because it gives people to get the lay of the land.

  • You learn Docker, GCP, terraform Databases, writing SQL queries, and python scripts.

  • Refresher on SQL queries

All my work can be found in the Github repository

Super excited to try out Prefect next week

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